Saturday, 21 September 2013

Personalise your ribbon and tags! ::: Tutorial

After many requests on fb i bring you the easy peasy printed ribbon and tags tutorial.

Heres what you will need, click on the products for links of where to buy

To make the ribbon & tags you will need
Eyelet setter (mine is a crop-a-dile)
but you dont have to have a fancy one, you an get them cheaper from ebay just make sure there is a setting for 6mm eyelets

1. Select your letters/numbers using the tweezers that come with your DIY stamp kit place them into position. I place mine in the centre of the stamp. You can use the markings inside the stamp to line up your text before you stamp so you know its somewhere in the right place.

Remember, this is self inking so now all you do is line up the stamp over the ribbon, push down and release!

Tadaaa, your first personalised custom hand stamped piece of ribbon......

Stamp away to your hearts content, be careful...its addictive and you'll want to do 1000s of metres :)
 This is what you end up with, i love love love it. Just think of the possibilities!
You could do some 'Merry christmas' or 'Do not open till 25th' for your Christmas gifts.

The tags are just as easy, ive shortened the text as i didnt want them to be too long on my smaller items.
Stamp your image onto the twill this time leaving about 1.5" at the one end.
Fold the end over to create a loop.

Using the small hole punch on the crop a dile, punch directly through both layers of twill

Push your eyelet through the hole, and set the eyelet in place. Tehse eyelets are ace by the way, the backs have small notches to help them curve so no sharp bits or breakages.

Thats it...all done, you now have personalised ribbon and tags!

The tags in action on my deer ornaments and keyrings
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial :)

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Toni said...

Emma, thanks for this lovely tutorial. What a great idea to finish off our little handmade projects. I think I included some of the tape in my recent order and I've just bought a Crop a Dilemma but not really sure when I would use it. Now I know!! Just need to get myself a little printing thingy now and I'll be able to have a play.
Thanks again,
Toni xx

SallyB said...

Fab that stamp set...may have to get one of those.

tatiana said...

que buena idea y que lindo te quedo los llaveros

Toni said...

Just re read by blog post above. Funny funny.
Should have checked it LOL!
I didn't order any of the tape so just off to do that and order a stamp set. Look what you have started now !!!
Toni xx

heartstitch said...


Susan said...

Saw this post a couple of days ago. Ordered my stamp from Amazon and got it today. so excited. I know I have that twill ribbon somewhere!