Friday, 13 September 2013

Lushness....its my word for the week!

If your a fan of my facebook page you will of worked out sometimes i can come out with some made-up favourite of course is Feltilicious, but Kerryn (a customer, who became very good friend) made a new one up for me to use...Lushness, so this week everything has been sooo Lushness but of course in a traditional Sew Sweet way.

It seems im setting a new trend, buy what i do! Im flattered that so many see me as their inspiration to try and better themselves and their business's. Thats what i love being able to do, help others :)

So after a sell out of printed felt a few weeks ago, i couldn't get the lush feltly goodness back in stock quick enough. Unfortunately this lot was held up at customs but it came this morning and now i have 
it in four lush patterns

I cant decide on my favourite so its a good job ive kept a couple of packs of each for myself! So many ideas running through my mind.......

The hearts are my owl belly's, The stripes are screaming out to be made into beech huts! i know its nearly christmas but im so not done with Summer yet..

and polka dots...well, there polka dots aren't they go with everything, a bit like Gravy :)

When you click on the photos it will take you to the feltilicious Lushness x

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Kerryn said...

oooooooooo i'm famous!! I think feltilicious lushness pretty much sums it up! ;-) xxxx