Tuesday, 20 August 2013

lots to do...lists to make...

So much has been going on i didnt even realise i had neglected the blog a little bit last week....Ive been doing lots but running out of time for blogging :(
If your a Sew Sweet fb fan then you may of already seen what ive been up to, but just incase your not heres a few photos for you!

(Not a great photo as i had to take it on my phone, it looks so much better in real life!)

I love wreaths but was fed up of seeing wicker and polystyrene wrapped ones, i wanted to make one that stood out from the rest, totally unique and more ME! So my stuffed wreath was 'eventually' created as it took me a while to get the write shape for the wreath, i got there in the end. Crammed with handmade felt flowers and hand cut holly leaves. This is the first wreath ready for Market night.

Then...i had a massive order for 250 Felt rose decorative pins

These have been sent and received, this time these were made with pearl and diamanté headed pins....

I make around 500-700 mini felt rose a month now and counting! This is just one order made yesterday

The new felt flower packaging...is brilliant! no more cello bags, the roses were getting squished even with wrapping in bubble wrap. I spend a long time making these then they get squished...researched and lots of computer time looking for ideas on new packaging, these i think are the best option! I needed something translucent because ive received another HUGE bulk order of 2000 roses...yippee (i thought at first)then it dawned on me how long its going to take to make them....i started them a couple of weeks ago in between other things, maybe need another couple of weeks to finish...my deadline is end of September so
i have ages yet.

Then.....remember those fabric flowers i cut the other day ?

heres a few made into lovely keyrings and bag charms ready for market night
Ages ago...way back last year, i did a Flower keyring Tutorial HERE
these a a bit of a twist on those, This time ive stuffed them and Blanket stitched the entire flower, even the flower centre! It takes ages, but so worth it.

These are another NEW design and make...I will eventually add my handmade items to the Sew Sweet website but right now im enjoying making them when i have the time. Im also currently full for orders until Middle of October...eeekk

 SUPER CLOSE UP! love the blanket stitching detail

and another photo just because i can :)

ok thats it from me today, i have a zillion things to do......have a fun day everyone :)

If you want to come to my Sew Sweet handcrafted Market night just click HERE and click 'GOING'
Thank you x

Now, im off to make my lists....To do list....stock order lists.....food shopping list...Party food list (my daughter turning 11!!! how did that happen?) Things still to get for the house list....The list is endless
Maybe i should make a list of all the lists i need to make ;)

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JitterbugJ said...

Lists - yes I have lots of those to write as the 'jobs' are swimming around in my head at the moment, but think the lists will just be depressing when committed to paper!

The flowers look beautiful and the new packaging look fab.

DIane Warburton said...

Yet another fabbo post. The colours on the wreath aren't ones I'd chose but the design and work put into it is excellent. I wonder how much you'll charge for that. I always find that such a hard thing to master but I'm a very basic novice yet. With the work you've put into that and how pretty it looks, it should be a decent price.

Kerryn said...

Your stitching is so neat!!