Thursday, 18 July 2013

re-stocks-up-stocks-NEW STOCKS!!

Today has been another busy day, im busy preparing for the kids summer hols. Never an easy task working full time and having to look after and entertain two children at the same time as im sure most of you know!

Fortunately their Dad is taking them on holiday for a week, im going to use that time to get some decorating done in our new home and catch up on 'Shop Keeper' stuff :)

Some new delivery's came today with some Re-Stocks and New Stocks...hoorray
the up-stocks of goodies im running low on of the most popular stuff have also been updated.

How lush are these new Gutterman Metallic Glitter threads!!
available in 8 colours

Wood grain Embroidery hoops are now available in four sizes :: 2 1/5" , 3" ,  4" & 10"

Vilene Stitch and Tear for all your hand and machine embroidery. Conveniently cut to 90cm x 30cm piece.
This is the secret to perfect hand embroidery if you dont have neat handwriting and lets face it most of us haven't. You can trace or print directly from your inkjet printer onto the stitch and tear. Sew and tear away to reveal perfect lettering and embroidery! simples....

BARGAIN dinky pom poms....7mm pom poms in mixed packs for just 95p

As i said my kids are going away on holiday for a week, that means i wont see them for a whole WEEK!!! Im really not looking forward to it and have never spent any longer than 1 night away from them in 11 years. So ive decided to close the shop for a week to spend some quality time with them and do lots of fun stuff. They are always moaning at me for working all the time :)

The shop will be closed but still open for orders they just wont be posted until i officially re open the shop on the 5th August

So if your in need of a crafty stash fix get your orders in before i close on the Sunday 28th July
Orders placed on the 27th and 28th July will still be posted as normal on the 29th July

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥

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Alie de Vrij-Venema said...

Those buttons look fab!!
Enjoy your holiday, I've just had a week without my kids (they were on a holiday with grandpa and grandma..) They had a real great time, but I was so glad when they were home again!!