Monday, 1 July 2013

My Monday

After a non stop day im thinking about what to blog about. What have i done today? Well, the usual picking and packing (except today it took me from 8am - 4.30)

Ive cut some felt which were sold out of on my shelves. 

Ive walked....yes walked to the post office because its such a lovely day and i dont like being cooped up inside all the time. (its only 1.5 miles away) 

Now im doing a quick stock take whilst cooking dinner.

The....ill be sorting out the kids ready for bed 

A bit of reading and snuggles :) with my babies

Then back onto the computer to order out of stock supplies


So today i dont really have much to tell you, nothing exciting except.....Thank you, for your lovely emails and messages ive been receiving lately, your support has been second to non and i really appreciate it.
Its what keeps me going you know! You lovely lot :))

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