Thursday, 4 July 2013

Market Night?

Oh what a beautiful day its been, 27deg apparently!! I can honestly say that i think Felt roses have taken over my work room the last few weeks. I make around 500 a month on average. Occasionally when im super busy i have to take them off the website when it gets really busy to catch up on orders, but its never for very long. I sit in the garden when its nice or in front of the tv on the evening when the kids are in surrounded by beautiful flowers. The time go so quickly before i realise its been 2am some nights.

But i love them, they look lush........

Heres a commissioned set of felt roses, i love the unusual colour combo, but it works!!
Ive now added lots of different types of felt flowers to my range. They will not be the website and can only be purchased through a custom order, you can email HERE for a price on application


Face Book Market Night?
Im thinking about having a Felt Flower Medley Market night.
Each set of handmade roses will be unique and a one off .
What do you think? Yay :)) or Neigh :((

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