Monday, 22 July 2013

Make it Monday :: Felt Flower Hair Clips Tutorial from Handmade Cuddles

Make it Monday again! And today Stephanie from Handmade Cuddles is sharing a cute felt hair clip tutorial that uses the felt flowers from Sew Sweet.

It seems you can get hair clips in all shapes and sizes now! From teeny tiny ones to as big as your head ones!, round, square! So rather than sharing a template that might not work for your shape/sized hair clips, I am sharing how to make your own (and it is super easy!)
Take a sheet of white paper, and trace around your hair clip. Then draw another line around that about 1/2 cm away from the original. Cut out your template and we are ready to make the hair clips!

1. Use your hair clip template and cut out two pieces from green felt.
2. On one piece stitch some "leaf veins" using a lighter shade of thread.

3. Take the other (plain) felt piece and use your hair clip to judge where you need to cut a tiny slit for the pointy bit of the hair clip to come out.

4. Put the other piece of felt (with the leaf vein on) on top of the hair clip and sew around the outside edge.
5. Take your felt flower, add a dab of hot glue to the back of it and stick it down onto the hair clip.

All done! You can use the ready made flowers, or roll your own with the die cut ones (or maybe you got some a the pretty ones from the Felt Flower Medley Market Night)

I used the smaller sized die flowers on this teeny hair clip, so the larger size are properly a good one for a normal sized hair clip. And if you have mega sized hair clips, try arranging a mix of colours on it, and adding some leaves around the edges.

And if you need somewhere to safety keep all your new hair clips, I also have a tutorial to make this (right) sunshine hair clip holder on my blog! Again made with lovely Sew Sweet felt and ribbon.

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Marlou McAlees said...

adorable!! thanks for sharing tutorial :) x

Alie de Vrij-Venema said...

Thanks! This looks great!! Going to try this with my cuppa coffee later today!