Wednesday, 19 June 2013

weighing, bagging and boxes

Im exhausted already and were only half way through the week! ive been working over in preparation (still not ready but nearly there) for some BIG things happening around here. Not all work related, although sometimes i forget myself that i have a life outside of Sew Sweet which does sometimes come second lol

This weekend were off camping!!! OMG what have i got myself into?? ive never been camping before, but its only for two nights so i think even i can manage that one. Its supposed to be raining so im taking plenty of sewing with me :)

I havent blogged for two days, i did mean to blog yesterday but this is what happened......

First off all, the picking and packing of orders took me till 1.45pm...then......

My monthly felt order arrived

Its now unwrapped and packed away

Then an hour later this HUGE delivery of new goodies arrived

Which is still in their boxes....lots of photos, editing and listing to be done yet.
But of course i had to spend an hour stroking the yummy goodies inside the boxes.

Since Saturday ive spent my evenings cutting, here's the lovely pile of offcuts.
These will be photographed tomorrow and on the website Monday..hooray :) Not the off cuts obviously

 Today, after finishing the post early (i got up at 6am to make a start as i knew i had a very busy day ahead)

Ive weighed, bagged and topped the shaped buttons....All 160 bags of them

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious sunshine, i wish i was out in the garden sewing!

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥

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