Sunday, 30 June 2013

Rose Medley :: Part One

After a gorgeous day out yesterday at Kingsbury water park the sun was still shining. We sat out in the garden enjoying the sun and i sat making some gorgeous Felt roses.

This pile of Roses are destined for a sewing project im working on which needs to be finished by Wednesday.
These roses are so much fun to create, using the small and medium die cut roses together to create a beautiful mixed colour Rose medley.

Theres sooooo many different combinations to create these beautiful roses

And so easy to do too, simply by wrapping each layer around another while adding just a small amount of Felt Glue as you go.

The colour combinations Ive used on these Felt roses are to match a particular theme, stocking 65 lush colours of felt i knew i would have just the perfect colours to match.

I cant decide which is my favourite, as always i think i have a favourite then change my mind again. I do especially love the Tri colour medium felt roses. Simply made by wrapping 3 layers of medium die cut roses together to make a beautiful 5.5cm felt rose.

The Small and Medium Die cut roses can be found in the shop HERE, why not have a go at making your own Colour combinations

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