Friday, 28 June 2013

My Die cut roses and I

My original felt roses which ive been selling now for 2 years are so popular that i cannot keep up with demand! After so many people have asked me for die cut so you can make your own, ive finally done it.

Being a single mommy now (and loving every single minute of it) Strangely i get so much more time but also i need to do so many more things lol
Sometimes i have to stop.....and prioritise! whats more important, Dont get me wrong i love my shop and my business and work ridiculously hard at it but first and foremost im a mom to two beautiful amazing children. So thats why its taken me so long to get them on, that and i like to take take things in my stride and have fun doing it. 
Anyway here they are
(bad, bad photos i know but my normal camera has broken and had to use my iphone instead)

Im off to start my wonderful weekend first with a romantic dinner out with my gorgeous boyfriend, followed by Cinema and a weekend of fun with my two babies. I once said that I love my Job referring to Sew Sweet but most of all i love my full time job....Nothing beats being a mommy and having quality fun time with your kids! Have a great weekend everyone  x

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tatiana said...

muy lindas en especial las rosas

Lou said...

Hi! Wow the colours look amazing,so pretty too.
Thank you I have my crafty bits sat here and hope to make later:)
Have a lovely weekend Emma,
very true the best and most rewarding job...being a Mummy:)
hugs Lou.xx