Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Button Exclusive!

We have four brand new Shaped button mixes! Im in love with these gorgeous bright Flower shaped buttons, they make me so happy! :))

ooooh and these Garden shapes are so super cute! Theres little butterfly's, caterpillars, dragon flys, birds and flowers in there. These come in pastels and brights too!

New Hearts mix!!! Loads of people have asked me for more colours in hearts. I told my suppliers and they actually listened! ( doesn't happen often) but here they are all PINK! and gorgeous.

The best bit!!! NEW PRICES

Previously these 50g button mixes were sold 
at £3.00 per pack.....after a little negotiating and bulk buying im excited that i can now offer you these at a ridiculously low price of just £1.75 for 50g. 

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1 comment:

Kerryn said...

oooooooooooooooo *drools* I love those pastel, gardney buttons! So cure. Love the pinks too of course and the bright flowers. Button lushness!