Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lots a Lovely Buttons

Ive been taking lots of pics and editing them, loading new products onto website....Im so focussed right now on the shop, website, my goals.....So much to do and so little time.

My list is a bit like this at the moment
New Sewing patterns.....I started in 2012!! still only half finished, I WILL HAVE THEM FINISHED IN 2013! (a late new years resolution) 'Finish what you started Emma!

Load up all lovely new products (that have been sitting in boxes since December) gasp...i know shocking!

Finish all half sewn items, including... kindle cases, wristlets, storage boxes, bags, Buntings and (personalised  new handmade stuff for the shop ;)

Finish new kits, I started some for the Christmas ones Last year, patterns drawn up but no instructions. 

I did plan on bringing out the spring and Autumn kits this year but if your a regular follower you'll understand why i haven't been able to do ANYTHING! Until now that all systems go at the minute. Im currently working on the new Christmas Kits, and a few surprise kits too.

Decorate, renovate, DIY! ive just recently moved house....the new house is old and needs alot of work doing to it. Its been a slow process but with help from my family and gorgeous Boyfriend (whos doing most of the work because of my back)  its starting to look like a home and not a squat!

my 'TO DO List' just got bigger, but we are enjoying doing up the new house, its  fun deciding what colours to do each room then my favourite lol

First on the list.....loading the new products......

The NEW bubble buttons were added to the shop last week but i didnt get a chance to blog them

They are available in 20 beautiful Colours, These are perfect for layering your buttons by placing a 15mm Polka dot or Stripy button to the centre

Cute and soooo needed in everyone's button collection, these ditsy flower buttons come in 9 different beautiful colours and measure 18mm across....available HERE

[Image sourced from the brilliant Polka aka Andrea] I love her Brooches, keyrings and headbands and own a few myself! This is for inspiration only, Andrea has a Facebook page where you can purchase her gorgeous makes  POLKA

NEW Bow buttons....I had to have these as soon as i saw them.....I could just imagine them finding their way onto felt ballet shoes and Dolls Hair....

another photo of the lovely new ditsy Flower buttons.....just because i love them and there soooo cute!

My Poorly back update :(
Its worse today than ever. After seeing the doctor yesterday she confirmed thats she's 99.9% certain that i have torn my muscle! ooch :(( Im booked in to go for a scan on Friday just to make sure. Luckily i still have lots of computer work i can do whilst i sit in bed with my Hot Water bottle.

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥


Stephanie Fermor said...

Oh you poor thing. I did my back last summer and Doctor said I tore a lower back muscle. Could barley get out of bed to go toilet, even on Tramadol pain killers. Hope you feel better soon.
Loving the new products too!

Sew Sweet said...

Thanks Stephanie, thats exactly what ive done, torn my lower back muscle.....its killing me to bend over to cut the felt, then my leg keeps giving way :(
Doctor said it could take upto another 2 months to heal!! I dont have two months of healing time lol
its agony, i feel for anyopne who has had the same :(
lots of resting at the weekend though :)
Emma x