Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Deep Heat & new felt prices

oooww my back is still in agony, ive been rubbing in deep heat, popping ibuprofen and now have two hot water bottles behind my back. Whilst cutting the felt i even strapped them to my back using ribbon lol

I did get the first batch of felt cut though, i was determined. 
Ive made a list of jobs that need to be done this week and i WILL NOT fall behind!

The photos are a bit naff....blame the bad cloudy weather not the photographer :)

 After cutting the felt i made some into 9" Wool felt bundles

The rest are all stacked on shelves waiting for new homes!

Ive now listed the 9" squares for you to purchase individually.... hooray!
I receive lots of emails about asking for 9" squares and why dont i stock them. Well, the only reason i didnt before was literally down to space! I had no room in the old stock room, but now my new stock room is much much bigger and far better with lots of lovely new storage. Only downside is theres no Window  so no natural light = bad photos.

These 9" squares are perfect for smaller appliqué work, or if your on a budget and especially if your lacking in storage space, and at just 50p each they are a total BaRgAiN!!!
(My lovely new Gutermann thread stand in the background...yet to be filled)

Onto More good news!!
Ive reduced the price of the Wool felt bundles and added a new size bundle....6" felt bundles are also now available. The 6" Colour Collections have been a massive success so thought it only right to have a big bundle too

4" square bundle :::WAS £8.50 NOW £6.50
6" square bundle ::: £11.00

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