Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Blogloving Part 2

I heard rumours the google 'Follow' gadget thingy was disappearing and will soon be gone forever. But what will happen to all my lovely followers?? Well, you'll have to follow me again through BlOgLoViN if you wanna stay in touch and keep up to date....which you will do because theres loads of fun stuff going to happen soon and you'll want in on the action!

So, do you see the pink box in the top right hand corner? Click on it and follow my blog pretty please

OK so i admit ive been pretty pants when it comes to blogging :( The last few years have been difficult, especially the last 12 months. In a nut shell (in the last 12 months) My horrible cancer returned last July, since then ive had 4 more operations including a full Hysterectomy in January, After returning home i came down with a ridicules severe case of E-coli, which stopped me in my tracks for about 4 weeks! On top of that im having a divorce and have recently moved house (4 weeks ago) so in a nut shell ive not had a lot of time for blogging, unless you want photos everyday of parcels im packing. Being a single mother isnt easy and i have to spend time with them, lifes too short to just work, work, work all the time. I love my job but it is like my hobby job. (my hobby turned into a job) But not my entire life

I would never want to do anything else and thats why when im at work i work bloomin hard! 

I love my babies too and being so poorly over the last few years made me realise that i work way too much and need to spend more time with them. Especially now as a single mother. I have many loyal and far too brilliant customers that have supported me throughout and i would like to say a massive thank you to those people, for your emails, cards, messages....its whats kept me going to be honest.

Onwards and Upwards
Im so happy in my new home :)) Everything is now coming together nicely and will soon be perfect. What im trying to say is that, im getting on top of things....the blog will get back to normal, as wierdly i now have more time than i did before, im not Ill any more so instead of recovering im enjoying my family, life and Job!

In a nut shell
The blog will be updated more regular ;)
oh and now I'm Back and wont be going anywhere for a long time!!! :))

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Julie Kitchener said...

Oh goodness me you have had it rough hun!! you deserve things to go good for you now.I wish you all the very best x

Janneke de Jong said...

So glad to hear sweetie that you are feeling much better now ;o) And feel good in your new home ..
Take care sweetie :D

Sew Sweet said...

Thank you Julie and Janneke xxx

Fiona said...

oh my Emma....what a time you've had but it's sounds like you're are on the deserve a break now!!