Monday, 11 February 2013

Make it Monday :: Heart Purse

Hi! Stephanie from Toastie Studio here again with another cute Valentine craft for you.
Only a few more days till Valentines, what are you giving to your loved ones?
Today I have a tutorial to make a heart shaped purse from felt. It is perfect for putting some little candies in and giving to someone special.

 o Felt in red or pink etc
 o Short Zipper,
 o Some ribbon for a loop
 o Pattern (download here)

Step 1
Cut out two heart shapes using the pattern from your felt. And cut a 6cm piece of ribbon

Step 2
Pin the straight edge of one of your hearts to the edge of the zipper. You want the joined part of the zipper to be about 1/2 inch away from the point of the heart. Sew along the edge of the heart and zipper
Repeat for the other heart too.
If you want to add any decoration to your purse, add it now.

Step 4
Fold your ribbon in half and pin it to the opposite the zipper side of the heart, facing inwards.

Step 5
Fold the felt hearts together, with the zipper seam facing outwards (ribbon facing inside).
Sew around the edge of the heart, starting at one edge of the zipper, right the way around to the other edge.

Step 6
Snip around the curves and turn your purse right way out and give it to someone you love! (with a little sweetie note inside maybe?)

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