Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Feeling much better now, still sore and very tiered as its hard to sleep sitting up but im slowly getting used to it. Anyway, i have been doing lots of hand sewing. It seemed like only yesterday when i made these last year.  I originally used the alpha beads on my gingerbread men
blog post HERE.
 Since then i have seen the alpha beads popping up all over blog land and on fb, im delighted that i have inspired some of you to make your own using the alpha beads.I think these beads are a fantastic cheaper alternative to personalise your creations.
So onto today's blog post :)

So this year my cute little gingerbread men have changed ever so slightly, New larger size. They are now around 5" in height, chunky ric rac and new eyes. ooooh yes.....I have been searching high and low for the perfect Black brads for our eyes. The new black brads look just like the saftey eyes, a nice domed shape not like the others that have a flat lifeless top. 

I love BIG photos ;) 

 A few of the Gingerbread men custom orders

24 Gingerbread men in total. Which seamed to take me forever to sew because i was poorly at the time.
But actually i really enjoyed hand sewing them, which i dont get to do very often. 

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love those alphabet beads! I used to use them when Amy was little to personalise her school bits - she is 28 now! Time really flies!

My niece buys dummy chains where they use these beads to make them - they look so cute!

Your gingerbread men look lovely!

Sew Sweet said...

haha Annie sweetie, your showing off again! lol I was so inspired by my friends dummy clips and thats how it all started. Got a little bit addicted to them last year though and was attaching these to anything and everything. They are so cute and cheap!
Emma x

tatiana said...

que lindos