Thursday, 13 September 2012


All the 'Make your Own' Kits come with toy stuffing, the only problem is that it takes up so much space in the kit bags. Problem solved......

From this

To this...Tadaa.....

Its unbelievable how much the stuffing shrinks down when its been vacuum sealed.
Once opened it springs back to life again
(yes, i couldn't resist and was intrigued to see what happened when i cut the bag open :)

So now i have lots of lovely 'sealed' soft and bouncy toy stuffing for the kits.

I still had a little time before picking my babies up from school for some more kit making.
Rudolph and his friends Kits are available in the shop... hooray!

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Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

The new kits look great, and what a great idea for the stuffing!!
Kits without stuffing are so annoying for those who do not keep it on hand normally.