Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New yummy ribbons

This week i have been working on a 'few' yes a few :) projects. I cant tell you what they are right now but with a bit of luck next week i will be all set to show you!
Im very excited about these and have been waiting to get them into the shop for a while.....NEW ric rac, in lots of lovely new lush colours! I adore Ric Rac and would use it on everything lol

Mini ric rac, in lots of yummy colours

Although the mini pom pom trim is already in the shop, i just love this photo

Snowflake satin trim in white and silver

These are perfect to use as a trim or cut each snowflake to use as an individual embellishment.
You get 40 snowflakes per yard!

Satin Holly leaf trim, you get 50 leaves per yard!

 NEW measuring tape ribbon (my favourite)
Pink is just lush, its a beautifully embroidered ribbon too!

and yellow

New 'Inches' in stock too

Silver and Gold bells in both 6mm & 10mm

I just about have enough time left to work on those 'secret' projects for an hour before collecting the children from school :) Have fun!

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FeltByRae said...

Mmm, what a lot of yummy pretty things

Helen said...

I love that snowflake trim - I imagine it would look really pretty tied round Christmas presents wrapped in kraft paper