Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ironing Wool Felt

At the end of each month i do a stock take, I kinda know what stock i have but sometimes if i dont have what i NEED in my private stash i may take a button or a piece of felt from stock. I always write it down and at the end of each day deduct it from my stocks in the shop. Well, im only human and sometimes i forget to do this :) Hence, a double stock take!

When the felt arrives its folded, Some are cut into 12" squares and some are left as 24" squares.
Once cut I give them a little light pressing with an iron. I receive allot of emails asking which is the best way to iron felt, Its all in the greaseproof paper!

Theres lots of different Greaseproof papers out there but this is the one i prefer, as you can use the same piece over and over again. This is widely available at most supermarkets and online shops.

Place the greaseproof paper on top of your wool felt, set your iron to a wool or low heat. Gently with a light amount of pressure run the iron over the wool felt. It literally takes seconds
Tadaa lovely flat felt ready for your to create your next masterpiece!

A random pic i took as i was so excited to receive my new postal bags!
Watch out for the post man with the orange bag :)

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heartstitch said...

so very useful to know - i always use a damp cloth on top of felt but will be giving this a try!

Mrs A. said...

Sounds a brilliant idea. Mudt give it a try out. Thanks for the tip. Hugs Mrs A.

Ali Bunn said...

Clever! I always used a heavy book before!