Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Exquisite button work

Im in absolute awe, i dont think ive ever seen anything quite like it before.
My friend Stacy sent me these photos of her latest masterpiece.

Ive seen this in the flesh and its jaw dropping, the photos really dont do it justice.

Stacy has used a mix of vintage and Humbug buttons, it measures approx 30" x 22".
That's a lot of buttons and allot of time, love and preparation! lol

Stacy doesn't have a blog or fb page as she really does these for fun, Please leave a comment on here and show some love for her brilliant work as i know she will read this and it will mean so much to her, thank you.

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gillyflower said...

Amazing! It must have taken an awful lot of time and patience!
Well Done Stacy!

Vicky said...


big hugs Vicky xx

MoodyCatCrafts said...

That is wonderful! I want to get my buttons out now to create something - which wouldn't look anywhere near as good as that one of course!

Sarah Eatwell said...

Wow is all I can say, how beautiful. Might have to steal the idea to make my Mum a Christmas prezzie.