Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Make it Monday ::: Cute penguin Ornament

I know its not Monday but blogger played up for me yesterday so couldn't post this super cute tutorial for you. This has been done by one of my wonderful Customers Jo aka Pickle-Lily. Thank you so much Jo, i know allot of you are going to be wanting to make these cute Penguin's!
Penguin key ring tutorial

You need

2 x 4mm black beads

All came from SewSweet except the beads
(alternatively you can use black brads for the eyes!)

Click onto the pattern to enlarge then print!

1. Cut out 2 bodies, 2 wings, 2 eyes, 1 tummy and 1 beak.

2. Place the tummy felt towards the bottom of a body felt. An orange beak just above and ‘trap’ the beak with the two white eyes. Use two small stitches to hold the eyes in place, catching the beak underneath.

3. Fold the ribbon in half and pin in place behind the eyes on the back. Sewing the eyes in place will give extra strength to the key ring.
4. Sew around the eyes with white thread using either running or back stitch. Sew the two beads in place as eyes.

5. Pin the wings in place on the back.
5. Sew the tummy using a running stitch or back stitch trapping the wings as you sew.

6. Blanket stitch around the two body parts, you can use a little stuffing to add extra body.

7. Slide the key ring on the ribbon loop. 

I hope you enjoyed Jo's tutorial. You can see more of Jo fabulous work by visiting her FB page Pickle-Lily or going to her website

Thanks again Jo, your a star!!! xxx

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Lou said...

Hi! these are just gorgeous,such a great idea and love the detail too.hugs Lou.xx