Monday, 13 August 2012

Make it Monday :: Back to school pencil case

Hi everyone!! Stephanie from Toastie Studio visiting today.
Soon summer will be over (sorry I don't mean to be a buzz kill!!) but that also means it is back to school time!! With new pencils, note books and bags!! So I thought I would share a tutorial here on Sew Sweet to make your own colourful felt pencil case.

You will need:
5 x Scrap fabric strips, 3cm x 20cm. I used a mix of pink and green cotton fabric.
2 x Felt rectangles, 6cm x 20cm. I used fuchsia felt from Sew Sweet.
1 felt square, 20cm x 20cm. I used green felt from Sew Sweet.
15cm zipper. I used 6" white from Sew Sweet.
Usual sewing supplies (scissors, thread etc)
Sewing machine with normal & zipper foot.

Step 1
Take 2 fabric strips, and with right sides together sew along the longest edge using a 1/2cm seam allowance. Add the other 3 strips of fabric in the same way. When you have sewn all 5 strips together press the seams flat.

Step 2
Take one of the 6cm x 20cm felt rectangles and place it onto the right side of the fabric along the 20cm edge. Sew it to the fabric using a 1/2cm seam allowance. Repeat with the other felt rectangle on the other edge of the fabric strips. Iron the fabric so it is nice and smooth.

Step 3
Take the 20cm felt square and along one edge lay your zipper down. Now take your felt and fabric square and place it right side down, with the fabric edge along the zipper.

Pin everything in place, and with a zipper foot sew along the top edge. Remember to take care that you catch the zipper and both felt pieces.

Step 4
Open up the felt. Take your felt square and fold it back on itself, and repeat for the felt and fabric square.
Fold the two edges back to sandwich the other side of the zip. Pin in place and sew along the top edge.

Step 5
You should now have a tube of felt, with the zipper holding the middle together. Unzip the zipper and flip right way out.

Turn it so the felt and fabric square is on the inside, and the green lining is on the outside. (Opposite to what I show above).

Step 6
Pin the short edges together, making sure the zip edges line up nicely. Sew along both edges making sure to catch both layers of felt in the stitches. You can use a normal stitch or zig-zag stitch, all depends on what you prefer.

Make sure that the zipper is half open before you sew both ends shut so you can turn it right way out later.

Step 7
Turn the pencil case right way out, and to finish it off, sew around the top edge of the felt where it meets the zipper. This helps stop the felt catching in the zipper when you open and close the pencil case.

I like pink and green but you can really experiment with colours for this pencil case. You can also make it bigger or smaller if you like, add extra fabric strips or use less. It is all a matter of juggling the measurements.

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥


eight by six said...

I love that, so simple yet so pretty. Amanda x

gem clarke said...

LOVE THIS. my girls aren't quite at the pencil case stage, but think i'll make one for me xx

gem clarke said...

LOVE THIS! my girls arent at the pencil case age, but think i'll make one for me!!! xx