Monday, 23 April 2012

Make It Monday ::: Tutorial

The first in our series of Make It Monday, each Monday im hoping to post a tutorial on here either by myself or by my lovely customers, so if you have a tutorial and you would like to share it on the Sew Sweet blog please get in touch. Im going for something quick and easy this week, with lots of summer craft fairs coming up its always a great idea to have those 'cheaper' items on your stall. These are perfect for that and there so cute people wont be able to resist them!

Metal self cover buttons
Felt or fabric scraps
Hairbands (mine are from Asda and are currently on a 3for2 deal
Prym button cover tool
Flat nose pliers

Step One
Make a template the size of your button and add 15mm to your button size this will allow for fold over. If there is a particular part of the fabric you would like to see draw your circle template out onto Tracing paper otherwise paper will do just nicely

Step Two
Place your fabric/felt circle over the button cover tool (right side down)
Push the button ontop of the fabric, fold in the edges of fabric.

Step Three
Place the metal disc (button back) ontop of the button,then pop the dark blue part of the button cover tool ontop push down on the Presser until you here a 'click'

 Step Four
Pop them out of the button tool and you should end up with something like this

 Step 5
Take your elastic band and if needed use your pliers to push it through the back of the button loop. This can be tricky depending on the thickness of your elastic hands so i recommend using the thinner one.

Step 6
Pull one loop through the other loop and pull tight

In just 5 minuets and you've made a lovely set of cute hair accessory's

Try mixing felt and fabric together and create a double button hairband

Here is another tutorial i did a while back ::: Button magnets

Do you have a tutorial you would like to share on the Sew Sweet blog?
If you do then i would love to hear from you, please email me with your ideas

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Debbie D (Padster) said...

thanks for that - great idea xx

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

Awesome! And when the elastic band snaps (like all mine do) you can just replace it!


whooo i like these, how much is the botton making kit Emma? x

Anita said...

This is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

SarahLP said...

What a brilliant idea, love it Emma! I have some self-cover buttons in my sewing box but haven't seen that button-covering tool before - looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing! x

Ingrid said...

Love this sweetie!
Hugs Ing

Ann said...

Love these - off to order my buttons and tools right now! :o) Thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah said...

What a fab idea! I've been trying to find some smaller items to have on my stall :)