Thursday, 5 April 2012

Felt Rainbow Birthday Cake Tutorial ::: Day 4 :::

Birthday celebrations require cake, it is a rule! So here is a slice of felt birthday cake to celebrate Sew Sweets 1st Birthday!
Toastie Studio made this fun tutorial using my lovely wool blend felt, perfect to celebrate our birthday with our fans.

Felt (VanillaBaby PinkWhite & Yellow Felt)
Poly Fill,
Interfacing (optional)
Something for the rainbow stripes, this can be felt, ribbon, ric rac etc, it just needs to be 75mm wide or smaller.
Pattern (download here)
Sewing Machine
Glue Gun (optional)

1. Download the pattern and use it to cut out your felt pieces. I added a layer of interfacing to my felt, but you can also cut a cardboard version of the cake base pattern piece and insert it into the cake to keep the shape better (do that later on).
2. Take your vanilla cake edge, and cut 6 pieces of felt or ribbon just a bit longer than the felt piece.
3. Mark a line down the middle of the felt piece, and start glueing the ribbon down along the line. I glued mine, but you can sew them on as well if you prefer.

4. Keep adding the bands of ribbon till you have a rainbow, and trim off the excess ribbon from each end.
5. Take your vanilla felt base and pin it to the to the purple ribbon edge of the cake.
6. Fold the cake edge around, to continue pining the cake base for the whole corner.

7. Sew around the edge, when you get to the corner, stop and turn the felt and keep sewing down the other side.
8. Repeat the same with the baby pink felt piece to make the top of the cake.

9. Take the last felt piece, and pin the shorter ends to each end of the cake. Sew along these, leaving about 1/2cm unsewn at the start and end.
10. Then pin the baby pink pieces together, and sew along the edge.

11. Pin the other open edge and sew along it, but this time leaving a 2cm gap in the middle.
12. Turn the cake right way out through the gap. If you are not using interfacing, add in your cardboard cake base now. Stuff your cake with lots of poly fill.
13. Ladder stitch shut the opening.

14. Take your felt cream puff, and sew through all 8 points. Add a small bit of polyfill in the middle and pull and the points tightly to the centre. Do a few more stitches to secure the points. Repeat for a three more cream puff (4 total).

15. Cut a 8cm by 5cm piece of white felt. and cut out a flame shape from yellow felt. Place the flame near the end and start rolling the felt into a tube.
16. Run a line of hot glue down the edge of the felt (let it cool a moment) then roll it firmly down so the felt stays in a roll. If needed trim some off the bottom so it is flat.
17. Wrap a coloured thread around the candle to make a spiral effect. Knot the thread at the end.
To finish off the cake slice, hot glue the cream puffs and candle onto the cake, or you can stitch them on. 
All finished!!! Happy Birthday Sew Sweet!!

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ooohhhhh this is really nice!! xx

Karin said...

OMG!!!! This is just so adorable!!! Must make!!! Must make lots!!!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Goodness me this is so clever you really are a talented bunch!

Emma xxx

sew said...

A calorie-free birthday cake - perfect!!

Pickle Lily said...

This is great - thank-you for sharing. Happy Birthday day 4!
Jo x

Gem said...

Love this! Will certainly be trying to recreate it xx

Carrie Robinson said...

Oh my word.. how creative!!! This is super fun xx

Julia said...

Wow, what a fab idea and great tutorial! x

Debbie D (Padster) said...

Brilliant - the "cream" bits look just like the tops off iced gems - shame they had to stick those nasty biscuits on the bottom :0)

Sarah Nelson said...

Amazing! Can't wait to try it - especially the cream puffs!! x

Bopum Dopum said...

Looks delicious! :D Amazingly talented people, really inspiring.xx

Crafty Bee said...

This is gorgeous! Just what my little girls kitchen needs! x

Janneke said...

Ow what a lovely cake is that ..
It looks so yummie .. love the ribbon and the cream puffs ;o)

Janneke XO

Clare said...

that is so clever, love it :-)

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

Happy the birthday celebrations are going well!!!

Emily S. said...

completely perfect!!! :) :)

mrsSketchley said...

That is soooooo cute!! What a great keepsake too to bring out every birthday...fab tutorial x

SarahLP said...

Just seen this - oh my, it's lovely!!!

KleopatralilĂ­ said...

Qué bonito!!Gracias por el tutorial!!Saludos