Monday, 6 February 2012

that Monday Feeling

Is it just me or does everyone get that Monday feeling?? I have so much to do on a Monday but never really seem to want to do it. I have too many exciting more fun things that i could be doing lol I have forced myself to spend an hour on paperwork today after spending a lovely 4 hours picking, packing and posting orders. Its strangely allot of fun packing up orders, im always so intrigued by what people order and what they may make with it!
Ive had a terrible Migraine since arriving back from London on Thursday si i have tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible. Its starting to fade away now thankfully.
Oh London, yes it was fab. We (my sisters and i ) took my Mommy for her birthday to see Ghost at the piccadilly theatre, it was the most amazing production i have ever seen and fully recommend it to everyone.
Photo curtesy of my sis in law on her iphone taken by the lovely shop assistant next to the theatre.
Im the one on the far left (not sure what im looking at though)

At the weekend i managed to cut some letters for the Alphabet Soup kits

Are you ready for new 'Sew Your Own' Kits???
Keep your eyes peeled and check back tomorrow for the sneaky peeks!
oh and a lovely give-a-way coming up soon too ; )
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Ingrid said...

What a lovely "soup" ;-) And I can't wait to see the sneek peaks about new kits. Today I made some small cute red hearts with Sew Sweet felt... just a little time and my project is ready... ;-)
Hugs Ing

Julia said...

Glad to hear you had fun in London, but not so fun migraine after! Gosh, how many sisters do you have?! Can't wait for some sneaky peeks! x