Monday, 27 February 2012

A balancing act!

Dont ever leave a tub of buttons on the side of your table

Yep, i made the terrible mistake of balancing my button storage boxes onto of each on the table.
you end up in a big mess. Any offers to help me sort them out please let me know : )

I know have been quite on the blogging front recently. Its been very busy (not complaining) Lots happening over on the Sew Sweet facebook page too so if your not a 'Liker' already please pop on over and say hello but dont forget to hit that 'like' button while your there.

Last week i managed to get another batch of gadget wristlets made up. They are not on the website but if you would like one you can see them on the FB page

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The undomesticated scientist said...

i know a small person who would absolutly love to 'help' with your buttons. They would be grouped into - pretty and - not pretty (YUK).

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

Oh I want to swim in all those buttons!! I would totally help pick them up just to hold so many buttons!!!

~ Ali ~ said...

Stunning as always lovely lady :O) Can i come and pick up the buttons :O)

Ali x

Bee happy said...

Oh no! bet the buttons took ages to pick up but they do look great together ;) have a happy week :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Samantha said...

OHHHHH Noooo!!! What a mess! a right royal pain in the bottom! tut!
have a fun week! hugs me x

Craft Fairy said...

Whoops. It happens to us all.

Just added your blog to my blog list as promised today.

Yvonne aka Craft Fairy

sew said...

Oh those buttons!!
I don't suppose the fact that they make a fab photo makes you feel any better?!
I did something similar recently - after tidying my sewing room my last job was to put my beautifully compartmentalised button box away - you can guess the rest!
Loving my birdie kit.