Friday, 13 January 2012

New Years Resolution Three::: To finish what I've started!

You may remember at Christmas i went in search of a decent ipod case for my hubby and daughter, and couldn't find one that suited them. I designed my own case for them which i loved so much, then feeling the need to sew more i cut up the materials ready to be sewn into lovely new Gadget Cases. This is where i always fail....they NEVER get finished. I have so many half finished projects to last me for all of 2012. From designing and sewing up the proto-types took 2 days. Cutting up the fabriacs to make 14 more gadget cases 1 day. Sewing them all up, 2 days. Getting photo graphed and into the shop.....well im half way there even if the photos are a little naff because i forgot to put the flash on duh!!!

New Years Resolution Three::: To finish what I've started!
Heres a selection of the Gadget cases, im calling them gadget and NOT iPod because they will fit all of them. Antonia has a hard back on her ipod and ive found that other 'ipod cases' wont fit her ipod with the hard cover on. They have a convenient detachable wristlett.

A belt loop on the back

And an extra pocket at the front for your headphones

I made myself one too, i don't have a fancy phone but its so useful for when i do my daily post office run. I keep my phone in the main pocket and my bank card in the front. There's also enough room for me to fit in my post office receipts in there too.
These will be added to the shop over the weekend : )

Im having a give-a-way on here tomorrow and the reveal of a new Kit!
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Joey said...

WELL DONE YOU, hun these are fantastico! Joey x

Mandy said...

These look absolutely fab!

Jacilynn said...

oh thse are so cute. great job@

Janneke said...

Ow this are so cute ;o)
I love to have one for my mobile phone .. so cute ..

hugs, Janneke

Ingrid said...

Wow, gorgeous! Yummie little bags, the bag is the "gadget" almost ;-) Looks so fab hun!
Hugs Ing

Julia said...

What a great idea and I love all the different fabrics you have used x

Samantha said...

Hey hunny these are awesome xx