Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Knitting needles at the ready! New Years Resolution Two:::Learn to Knit

Today was spent mostly sitting (away from paperwork) drinking lots of lovely Tea...a cake was also involved ha
Knitting.....I started knitting about 2 years ago and only half knitted what was meant to be a scarf but actually looked more like a fish net stocking with very BIG holes in it.

New years Resolution Two:::Learn to knit!
My wonderful (very patient) Mom has knitted all her life so what better teacher to ask than her.
We sat in the conservatory which is lovely and plenty of light. My first project is to knit a blanket for the kids playroom (aka the conservatory) we went back to basics and knitted a square in a standard 'Knit' I was so chuffed with my first square, it came out pretty good to be honest. We then moved onto a Pearl stitch and knitted a ribbed square.

Each week my mom will be teaching me a new knitting technique and hopefully i will have completed at least two squares for my blanket in different knitted stitches each week.

One day i may even have something like this.......
Photo curtsey of  JBHoffmantwo who has a lovely shop on Etsy

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Kerryn said...

That's my new years resolution too and my nanny will be teaching me more stitches and techniques. Your knitting looks lovely and neat!!

Bee happy said...

Good luck with the knitting, I can only do the basic knit stitch and would love to learn more :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Ingrid said...

This is so lovely! It will be a great blanket when it's finished, you can see that already! ;-) And the granny squares crochet blanket is a beauty. I'm crocheting a pillow cover like that, with other colors :-)
Be sure to share your process on the blanket with us!
Hugs Ing

Sharne Davies said...

hate to dissapoint you but the blanket is crochet not knitted...... good work on the knitted work tho its good fun isnt it.....

Sew Sweet said...

oh i know Sharne, somebody beat you to it and already told me. I think i had better brush up on my crochet skills too : ) maybe my 2013 new year resolution xxx