Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back in the swing of things (ish)

New years resolution one to get organised was going fantastically until this week, i dont know how it happend but things just started to get disorganised again. Paperwork not being done and easily side tracked to make more exciting things when i should be doing paperwork. In between making up custom orders of Felt store age boxes, ive been making more Gadget cases as they all sold out before i had got a chance to put them in the shop. 

I am a tad bit impressed with myself and love my new gadget case

Ive had a huge delivery of wool felt today that needs to be put away, but that can wait till tomorrow as tonight i feel like doing a bit of colouring in.

Have a lovely pleasant evening all xxx
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bonnie said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!! Are they for sale? ;) Hugs x