Friday, 6 January 2012

Anyone up for a fun challenge???

well ive done it.....ive finally caught up with all the orders and posted every single one off today...hurray!
Ive also had time to do some cutting

hmmm i wonder what these will be?? One of my many new years resolutions is to finish what i have started. Easier said than done as i have about a zillion projects, patterns and ideas ive jotted down in my book and have never done anything to them or with them. The above photo is one of my new projects and all will be revealed on Monday.
I  was also hoping to have my new kit ready for your eager eyes today but my stock delivery still hasn't turned up but i promise it will be ready for next week and available to purchase in the shop

Anyone up for a challenge?
Ive already asked on the Sew Sweet Fb page and we have had a few interested peeps but it would be lovely to have a few more and you never know it could turn out to be a monthly thing, we will see.
The rules are:To hand-make something using Sew Sweet products
(as little or as much as you like) 
This must be handmade by you.
Once you are finished send me ONE photo of your finished master piece and add a list of products used in your email and a description if needed, also include your full name/blog etc
I will give you a month from the start date (TBC) then i will load them all up into a special folder on Facebook for the public vote. You can invite your friends, blog it, share it etc to join in with the vote off and the person with the most Votes will win a Prize (TBC). Ive already stared putting a lovely prize together but wanted to see how many of you would be up for it first. Please leave me a comment on here if you are considering taking part : ) thank you xxx

, Anyone can join in from anywhere in the world and you can make anything you want, Card, scrapbook page, gift tag, embroidery hoop art, ornament, framed picture.... absolutely anything!!

I want this to be fun for everyone, once i have a good number of 'Yes's' i will confirm a deadline date, don't panic i will give you at least 3-4 weeks to complete your project : )

See you on Monday with lots of 'Finished' Sewn products to show you
♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥

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Faye said...

Those materials are really pretty, you have me all intrigued now. Still hobbling! Have a fabby weekend. Much love. xxx