Tuesday, 8 November 2011

playing with photoshop

I decided that i really didnt like the 'Make your Own' Kit packaging, i sat and stared for a long time lol
I dont know how to use Photoshop but thought i could come up with something better than what i had. I also didnt like the cello bags they went in, sooo i bought a load of Kraft paper bags (picture to follow soon)

Heres the designs that ive been working on, these are the sticky labels for the front of the paper bags

Make your own Christmas Cupcakes

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Helen said...

They look really good and I love the idea of the kraft paper bags too! Finished the first pudding from my kit yesterday - feeling quite proud of myself! Thanks for the little gift in with my order too! x

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

I really like them too. I kinda like the idea of having some similarity between designs so that if they were on a shelf next to each other, you would know you made all of them. Perhaps making the "Make your own, Designed by Sew Sweet" etc to match on all the designs.

If you want any help let me know! I love playing around in photoshop and use it for all my website designs.

Mary J said...

These are fab! I gotta check out your shop as soon as I have a spare mo'!!

Elfcrafts said...

Hi Emma
These look fantastic, very professional. Love the sound of the paper bags as well. Looking forward to the pic xx

Sonia said...

Wow! super wow! Love it.. especially those cupcakes, i'm a fan of Cupcakes.