Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A happy sewing day

The children are off school today as the teachers have gone on strike! 
We have been sewing some Christmas tree ornaments ready for their Christmas tree at the weekend. I will ofcourse show them to you when they are finished, but i must warn you we are in a slow motion mood today and just having a relax. Its so nice to sit with them on the settee watching films and sewing but i thought i would just pop in quickly to show you what i was up to yesterday and this morning.
Four lovely Medium storage boxes , the red and teal are a definite favourite, i love these bold bright colours together.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful and such an overwhelming response to my little Reindeer kits : )
Im so happy that you like them and i must admit they are my favourite too. As so many of you have asked YES! they will be available as a full kit next year, im already working on it and there's even a few surprises and big things happening for Sew Sweet in the new year too, im soo excited  its killing me not being able to tell you yet but i cant ; ) you'll just have to wait and see lol

Today is the last day....
to take advantage and get your hands on the free Reindeer kits!
You will receive a free Reindeer kit with every £15.00 spent in the Sew Sweet shop (excluding p&p)

yes i have noticed the mistake on the packaging! ha ha i must of been very tiered when typing it out x

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥


Bee happy said...

Cute storage bags :)I love the reindeer kit I got, still got to sew it though!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kerryn said...

I bet it's been a lovely relaxing day just snuggled up watching movies and sewing. Sounds lovely!
Can't wait to hear what the news on in the new year.
Love those storage bags. so cute!

Joey said...

Gorgeous storage stacks hun, loving those bold colours too, perfect for kids rooms! I am seeing ribbons here though, think my ribbon stash will never be neat but certainly look better lol. Joey xx