Thursday, 18 August 2011

Over 100 new items added to the Sew Sweet Shop

Phew....I will tell you now that adding over 100 New products to the shop is not easy. I really wanted to post this yesterday  but just as i was about to start the post, My wonderful hubby came home from work and said " Mom's having the kids and im taking you out for a meal, as been as you've actually done some work today" the cheeky so and so lol after hitting him (im not a husband beater but he did deserve it for being so rude!) i accepted and we went for a gorg Chinese which ive been dying to have for weeks now. On a side not im supposed to be dieting, well thats gone out of the window now. Last nights meal probably cost me 3 lbs hehe

Anyway i bet you are dying to know what new products are in Sew Sweet right now. There's 89 new ribbons and 9 Brand new ranges

Gingham Ribbons(these are for you Ali)lol

(Black is definitely going on my Halloween themed cards this year!)

And guess what??? Theres still more i need to list, it takes time but i love it. I cannot wait o get some spare crafting time so i can actually have a play with all the new gorgeous ribbons.

Today thoug, as well as adding some more gorgeous goodies to the shop im going to take a few hours out to get some sewing done, ive had a pile of fabric cut ready for a project on my sewing table since April! so its about time i did it, then hopefully will be back tomorrow with a finished sewing project to show you

♥ Thank you for visiting us today at Sew Sweet ♥


~ Ali Watson ~ said...


DELISH new yummy goodies. LOVING the gingham :D

Ali x

Faye said...

Ooooooooooooh that looks so scrummy, I'm not sure what I want the most!! :)

Dorcas said...

*droooooool* !!