Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sticker Fun

If you are one of my regular followers you will have noticed that I havent blogged for a week. Im sorry about, Ive had lots of work stuff going on which i hope you will be pleased with when its ready for the reveal. I also lost my internet connection for nearly two days now, meaning, i have to take a trip to my In-Laws and print off the orders from there.

This week I have my two little Monkeys at home with me enjoying their half term break from school, Yesterday we went to Cafe Ceramica, The kids loved it, Us adults loved it and i wont be able to help myself when i pick the pottery up next week and show you what an amazing job they did! (and me)

This is what i did last night after realising that i only had 2 stickers left in my posting supplies basket......

Look closely to the top left of the photo and you can just about see an embroidery
project ive been working on. ( The Toy figure I promise is not mine lol sweet )

I think in the end I managed to make up around 600 stickers! I love my sticker machine...

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Carrie said...

Sticker machine??? Love it lol.. xx

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

That looks really good, are those machines expensive? How do you use them?
Have you considered selling custom stickers? Perhaps you could email me if your interested because I have wanted some stickers for my etsy shop for awhile now.