Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wool Felt Loopy Flower Brooch and Headband tutorial

Good morning and Happy Tutorial Tuesday!!!! This is the first Tutorial i have done for you guys since the blog has only had two previous posts : (  I kinda started the blog in the middle of a big Rush and then neglected it. ' Start as you mean to go on ' (as the saying goes) ......... OK so the plan is to have a new tutorial for you each Tuesday, it wont all be Wool Felt, but it will be sewing with all sorts of Fabrics and maybe some Cards too as i love to make and craft with, well....just about anything.

So without further ado here is very first Sew Sweet Tutorial. Oh before we start this Wool Felt Loopy Flower, It's not only easy to make but you can make TWO with just Two pieces of wool felt! They make fabulous gifts too.

Wool Felt Loopy Flower Brooch Tutorial
You may sell items made from my patterns and tutorials providing proper credit is given to www.sewsweet.co.uk & www.sew-sweet-blog.blogspot.com

Loopy Flower PDF Pattern ( left click and Print)

Materials List                                          
One 12" Square Wool Felt in Garnet
One 9" Square Wool Felt In Spanish Olive
One 25mm Brooch Pin
Hot Glue Gun (Optional)
Co-ordinating Thread
Sewing Machine (optional)

Cutting List
 Cut TWO 2 1/4 x 12" Wool Felt in Garnet
Cut FOUR Leaves in Spanish olive from the template pdf Provided.
Cut ONE Circle in Spanish Olive from the template pdf Provided
Cut ONE 3/4" x 3/4" Square in Spanish Olive

Step 1.
Fold the 2 1/4" Garnet wool felt strips in half and sew with approx 5mm allowance along the open seam
Step 2.
Cut upto the sewn line approx 6-8mm apart along the strip to create your loops.

Step 3.
Roll your loopy strip until it looks like this. You can now either add a few stitches to hold it in place or use a glue gun as you roll.

Step 4.
Now start rolling your Second Loopy strip around the first. When you have finished add a few more stitches to hold it all together or use hot glue. Remember to keep the shape of the flower as you stitch and not to pull your stitches too tight.
Step 5.
Sandwich Two leaves together and sew. Be creative, make it fun. Wether your using a sewing machine or not change your stitch length. It gives your leaves a much more realistic look. (Ive used a sewing machine)

Step 6.
Position & Glue your leaves to the back of your loopy flower with a hot glue gun.

Step 7.
Sew your brooch Pin to the back of the Spanish Olive Circle.
Step 8.
Hide the stitching on your brooch pin by sewing on your scrap piece of 3/4" x 3/4" Spanish Olive wool felt.
Position the Circle to the back of the Loopy Flower (make sure your Brooch Pin is level,
( We don't want lop sided Brooches! )
Using a whip stitch or blanket stitch sew the circle to the back of the brooch. 

I also have a matching Elasticated Headband. Remember you can make both of these gorgeous flowers with just TWO pieces of Wool Felt!

Loopy Flower Headband Tutorial

Step 1.
Follow steps 1 - 6 in the Loopy flower Brooch Tutorial above.

Step 2.
Using a hot glue gun, glue your Elasticated headband to the back of the flower.

Step 3.
Use a small amount of glue on the centre of the Spanish Olive Wool Felt Circle and position onto the back of the flower. Whip Stitch or Blanket Stitch the circle in place securing it to the leaves and flower as you sew.

Your Done!
If you want smaller loopy Flowers then simply change your measurements. If you change the length then you might want to also change the height of the flower too to keep it in proportion.

These are stunning right?

I absolutely love them.

These Gorgeous Wool Felt Loopy Flower Brooches and Head Bands are available to purchase in the
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I would love to see photos of any makes especially those from my tutorials, Each Friday i will be featuring a Special customer or blog follower, I will also be featuring some very inspiring Friday Finds too!
So please email me and send me some pics or links to your creations.

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Carrie said...

Hi sweetie..
Ohh this is fab.. can I do it???? erm prob not lol.. but I may just give it a try!! xx

Sylvia said...

oh WOW.. what a great tutorial.. your felt flowers are just GORGEOUS!!!
(would loooove to try out one of these myself, but I don't have a sewing machine at the moment..*sigh*)
{hugs} Sylvia

Ingrid said...

Super super b-ful! Have to make these ones!
Hugs Ing

Patricia Lewis said...

Thankyou so much for this tutorial .. I have made one and had a lot of fun..:)) Thanks again :))