Sunday, 17 August 2014

To blog or not to blog?

Ive been asking myself this question since last October! So many of you are now on facebook and see my daily posts, is it worth keeping this blog going? I suppose i could waffle on a bit more on here, and its great for showing more than one photo at a time, and the occasional tutorial....But, its so time consuming i just dont know....Please help and advise me on what i should do, Do you want me to pick up the blog again and carry on? or is fb the place you go to catch up with what's occurring in the Sew Sweet HQ?

While im here (my fans on fb will have already seen) I bought out two new PDF patterns yesterday...

I am just a little bit in love with these cute felt canines..
in set one you have a Bull Terrier, Labrador, Welsh Corgi, Cavalier King Charles & Alaskan Malamute

In set two you have a Boxer, Scottish Terrier, Saint Bernard, Springer Spaniel & Great Dane

These are the first felty PDF patterns ive released since closing my supplies shop in February so as you can imagine once i had finally settled on the designed and actually put everything together i was very excited to share them.....It seems you like them too! With so many requests for other dogs im already working on the next set :)

Ive teamed up with Felted fancies supplies for a feltabulous give a way....One lucky fb fan will win both Dog PDF pattern packs and a huge supplies box which contains everything you need get creating your very own cute dogs. 

Katie has put an amazing kit together. You've got to be in it to win it so please make sure you pop over to the Sew Sweet fb page for details on how to enter. If you want to get creatinf straight away you can also purchase the Doggy themed kit directly from Katie's fb page Felted Fancies Supplies

The PDF pattern packs can be found in my ETSY shop here (instant downlaod)
You have until Midnight tonight to grab them at half price!

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Are you CE Registered??

Back in July the standards of Materials used for CE marked products changed..
This meant that my felt had to be re-tested. It already complied fully to the regulations of EN71 parts 1 & 2, but they introduced part 3.
Obviously it passed with flying colours!!

After months of waiting and testing the new EN71 certificates are finally here...hooray :)
you can print these off your self at home by saving them to your desktop. 
You will need to print off all 6 pages

(these certificates are only for Sew Sweet Wool blend felt)

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Monday, 7 October 2013

What?? More new lush felt....oh yes

I think its clear im a little bit obsessed by felt, so i had to add to the collection of printed felt with these gorgeous new designs. Luckily i took the photos of these last weekend before going into hospital, so today i was able to just edit and load them onto the website.

 My favourite teeny tiny flower print felt


 I cant wait to make some School note books, bookmarks and personalised keyrings with the stationary felt.
Its a bit late for this year but you can get a head start on Teachers christmas presents!

Everyones favourite polka dot felt is now available in 5mm Polka dot too...yay! dual dot 2mm polka dot felt in two colours

Aqua with white & yellow dots

Yellow with blue and pink dots

Want to get even more updates? My facebook page is updated daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, click on the lovely pink fb logo to take you to my page and hit the LIKE button :)

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

While im away.........

Unfortunately im having to go into hospital yet another operation :(
The shop has now closed for dispatching orders before i go in on Tuesday BUT you can still place orders...hooray!! and even take advantage of FREE UK DELIVERY when you spend
just £15.00....double Hooray hooray!!

Vintage Style wooden Alphabet & Number sets 

If your a fan of my Sew Sweet FB page then you'll also know that  ordered these gorgeous Vintage style wooden stamps and are now available on PRE-ORDER ONLY in the shop right now.
Im expecting delivery between 10th-12th October, just in time for when the shop re-opens and life becomes normal again.....fingers crossed!

You will receive one free black inkpad, it works on most fabrics including cotton, poly and linen, & paper/card stock.

Now you can easily personalise your makes! I have so many ideas i want to try and lots of tutorials.
Ive already started putting together an inspiration folder of photos from other artisans (with their permission of course) which i will post on here when completed!

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Make it Monday :: Candy Corn Bunting from Handmade Cuddles

September is nearly over, and autumn is setting in. The leaves have started to fall from the trees and everyone is getting ready for Halloween (and Christmas!)

Today Stephanie from HandmadeCuddles is sharing a Halloween inspired tutorial to make "Candy Corn Bunting", but it would look wonderful in Christmas colours, Autumn colours, or made from some of the new printed felt!

White felt, orange felt & yellow felt
2.5 meters of orange ribbon
Glue Gun or felt glue (or you can hand / machine sew them on)
Pattern (download here)

Step 1
Download and print out the pattern linked above. I cut out 4 felt triangles of each colour, but if you want to make the bunting longer or shorter you can by cutting out more or less triangles.

Step 2
Take your ribbon, and measure 50 cm in from one end (this is for hanging the bunting up later).
Take a felt triangle and your ribbon, and with your glue gun, add some dabs of glue along the ribbon and stick your felt triangle down onto it. Allow it to cool a moment before moving onto the next triangle.

If you don't want to use a hot glue gun, you can always sew the triangles by hand or on the sewing machine.

Step 3
Continue to add more flags, going white, orange, yellow, white, orange, yellow and so on, until you used up all your triangles.
When you have stuck all the triangles on, measure 50 cm of ribbon at the end and trim off any excess you may have.

And now hang up your Candy Corn Bunting ready for Halloween!!

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Personalise your ribbon and tags! ::: Tutorial

After many requests on fb i bring you the easy peasy printed ribbon and tags tutorial.

Heres what you will need, click on the products for links of where to buy

To make the ribbon & tags you will need
Eyelet setter (mine is a crop-a-dile)
but you dont have to have a fancy one, you an get them cheaper from ebay just make sure there is a setting for 6mm eyelets

1. Select your letters/numbers using the tweezers that come with your DIY stamp kit place them into position. I place mine in the centre of the stamp. You can use the markings inside the stamp to line up your text before you stamp so you know its somewhere in the right place.

Remember, this is self inking so now all you do is line up the stamp over the ribbon, push down and release!

Tadaaa, your first personalised custom hand stamped piece of ribbon......

Stamp away to your hearts content, be careful...its addictive and you'll want to do 1000s of metres :)
 This is what you end up with, i love love love it. Just think of the possibilities!
You could do some 'Merry christmas' or 'Do not open till 25th' for your Christmas gifts.

The tags are just as easy, ive shortened the text as i didnt want them to be too long on my smaller items.
Stamp your image onto the twill this time leaving about 1.5" at the one end.
Fold the end over to create a loop.

Using the small hole punch on the crop a dile, punch directly through both layers of twill

Push your eyelet through the hole, and set the eyelet in place. Tehse eyelets are ace by the way, the backs have small notches to help them curve so no sharp bits or breakages.

Thats it...all done, you now have personalised ribbon and tags!

The tags in action on my deer ornaments and keyrings
Hope you enjoyed my tutorial :)

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Lushness....its my word for the week!

If your a fan of my facebook page you will of worked out sometimes i can come out with some made-up favourite of course is Feltilicious, but Kerryn (a customer, who became very good friend) made a new one up for me to use...Lushness, so this week everything has been sooo Lushness but of course in a traditional Sew Sweet way.

It seems im setting a new trend, buy what i do! Im flattered that so many see me as their inspiration to try and better themselves and their business's. Thats what i love being able to do, help others :)

So after a sell out of printed felt a few weeks ago, i couldn't get the lush feltly goodness back in stock quick enough. Unfortunately this lot was held up at customs but it came this morning and now i have 
it in four lush patterns

I cant decide on my favourite so its a good job ive kept a couple of packs of each for myself! So many ideas running through my mind.......

The hearts are my owl belly's, The stripes are screaming out to be made into beech huts! i know its nearly christmas but im so not done with Summer yet..

and polka dots...well, there polka dots aren't they go with everything, a bit like Gravy :)

When you click on the photos it will take you to the feltilicious Lushness x

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